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The ONLY magazine you need.


Badger Sportsman Magazine is Wisconsin's longest running outdoor magazine.  Out of Oshkosh, WI (my hometown) comes this action and information packed publication you would be missing if you weren't subscribed.


Because of OB Outdoors and Badger Sportsman teaming up, you will be getting to see and meet some awesome people and outdoor destinations.  I'm excited and you should be too as I will have the camera ready, and as always, what I'm doing and how I'm doing it will be here for you to see!


Check out my store to subscribe or even to add on to your current subscription!  Check out their website (link below) for the newest information, past issues, and cool Badger swag!


The ONLY boat I have EVER owned.

I have only owned one manufacture's boat my entire life... A Lund.  This is for good reason as my Lunds have been there through some amazing moments.  The workmanship, the history, the attention to detail - all reasons why every Lund Boat is a legend.

I have been in the Northwoods of Minnesota, to the far reaches of Canada, ultimately to step foot into a Lund which has sometimes been flown in via helicopter.  Resort owners in these areas know, if you are going to make the investment on a boat, it better be a Lund.

If you fish, if you boat, if you enjoy the water... I sure hope the legendary name "LUND" is on the side of the boat in your garage.  Check out their website below to build your legend today!


The BEST Service.  The BEST Prices.


The history behind Wendt's is amazing.  With that, you get the local, home-grown service aspect that is very hard to find these days.   A handshake means a lot to me... and it sure does to them.


For years I trusted Wendt's with my old boat to get me back on the water which they certainly did in a timely fashion.  Now that I am able to officially be a part of this amazing marina with my new boat, I am beyond happy to represent the best marina around.


Check out their website for the great service specials, along with  new and used boat pricing.

Trustworthy and dependable.


It goes without saying... if you have ever sat in a Frabill shelter or used one of their high quality nets to land the big one, chances are you are still using their products.


I have been using Frabill's equipment for years.  From the shelters to their ice rods and so on, Frabill products are tested and proven time after time on all of my adventures. It fit perfectly when I was given the opportunity to sign on to their Pro-Staff in early 2015. 


There are sooo many awesome new products coming out this year from Frabill.  I have seen them and I have used them, and trust me, its going to be another great year of innovations!


Check out their website below to see their current releases.

The trusted equipment storage since 1952.


I have been using Plano products for as long as I can remember.  The old Plano tackle box my grandpa had with us on all of the fishing trips in the early 90's, now sits in my basement holding some of the Lake Winnebago System's best baits. 


The Plano line has been around for ages and that says something about a brand.  Fast forward to the current date and Plano is producing high-end tackle storage and equipment storage for a variety of needs.  It fit perfectly when I was given the opportunity to sign on to their Pro-Staff in 2015. 


Check out their website for this year's hottest new products!

This is the Northwoods of Wisconsin.


After a two-mile trip down a gravel road, you will find Pine Point Resort nestled in along the quiet shores of Lower Clam Lake.   Located within Clam Lake, the Elk Capital of Wisconsin, you will find wildlife and the true northwoods feel. With great amenities such as air conditioning and internet, you are sure to stay comfortable during your visit to Pine Point.  With the Cabin's rate starting at just $100/night, the stay will be easy on the pocketbook.


My wife Traci and I look forward to our trip every year.  2017 will be our seventh year heading up there!  That sure says something right there... Check them out through the link below!


Reliable.  Powerful.  History.  All reasons: I GO BOLDLY.


I have only owned Mercury engines.  Amazing quality and dependability is what I look for in an engine.  Locally made, supporting many families I know, this brand is what keeps me moving  in many ways.

Their engines are just not for new rigging combos but also for the re-powers like I have done in the past.  I re-powered my old Lund with a brand new Mercury and it was a decision I could have made, and would make again.   The boat held an amazing value.

When you're on the hunt for a dependable motor to take you and your family around, make sure you have a Mercury on the back.

The Fox Valley's PRO SHOP.


The Reel Shot is a Pro Shop that can meet and exceed ALL of your fishing and archery needs.  I am very happy to have The Reel Shot (TRS) as a partner. 


I have been going to them for quite some time (even before being affiliated with them) to get bait and equipment and have always been very pleased to spend my hard earned money there.  With as many specials as they run, it's hard to beat buying from a big box chain when the local ownership is just a few clicks away!


Stop into their retail location in Appleton, WI or shop on-line and see what they are all about... click the link below to learn more!

Free and Royalty Free Music.



Jason Shaw creates some nice music through all of his channels and allows me to use his music in the form of co-advertising.  Not all of my music comes from him... but a lot of it does!


Check his material out through the link below.

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