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Hello and Welcome!

I'm Kyle Sorensen, the guy that runs OB Outdoors.  I am currently living in Winneconne, WI, right on the legendary Lake Winnebago System.  Being on this system and having over 27 years of fishing it, this is where my media usually comes from... BUT... I love to travel so who knows where we may end up!  I love being able to bring my cameras along with me on my adventures.  The interaction I am able to get not only on the lake but through social media is just so much fun.  Why am I here?  These three reasons sum it up pretty well:

1.  To have fun while enjoying all aspects of the great fishing past-time.

2.  To pass on what I have learned to others to try and make their experience even better.

3.  To showcase fun and useful equipment that makes our efforts even more efficient.



- VIDEOS! Not just fishing videos of my adventures... but sometimes of the equipment I use day in and day out.  Don't worry, I'm not talking about just strapping a GoPro to my head.

- PICTURES!  Whenever I see something that catches my eye, the camera certainly comes out!

- REPORTS!  My Blog and Social Media accounts are so valuable to give followers and readers a detailed report of my efforts - good or bad!

- ARTICLES!  I write published articles (printed and online) on a variety of different subjects.  Being able to put my thoughts out there in a longer, "somewhat" organized format, is just so much fun!

- SEMINARS!  My absolute favorite subject.  It's certainly a fun time to standup and talk with adults and/or children on this great sport!

- SPORT SHOW APPEARANCES!  I really love being able to interact with people at shows while representing my sponsors.  This past season for shows has been busy and its been awesome!

- RADIO SHOWS!  These are great!  Sitting down and talking fishing?  I could go for hours on that subject... but couldn't we all???

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